Your Crowning Glory: How Wigs Help Cancer Patients Feel Normal

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Your Crowning Glory: How Wigs Help Cancer Patients Feel Normal

18 December 2019
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There is nothing normal about cancer. Cancer cells are aberrations unto themselves in an otherwise healthy body. However, most cancer patients hardly have a day where they feel normal, or feel like themselves. Most patients lose their crowning glory (a.k.a., their hair), and that can definitely make anyone feel awkward. A lack of hair often spawns others to ask questions that cancer patients would rather not answer, or endure stares that are uncomfortable. Medical human hair wigs can change that, restoring a sense of normalcy to a patient's life. Here is how such wigs return one's crowning glory and private business to cancer patients. 

Hair to Cover the Head While the Body Heals

These wigs are one hundred percent real human hair. The hair is donated by people who either grow their own hair long and then cut it off to give to charitable organizations or cut it and sell it to wig makers. Since it is real human hair, no one can tell that the wig is a wig, and no one can tell that a cancer patient has cancer. The patient is able to cover his/her hairless head while his/her body heals (and yes, there are wigs for men). 

No More Stares or Questions About a Lack of Hair

Having cancer can be stressful enough. Having to endure stares or answer unbidden questions about the hair on one's head adds to the stress. Despite how most people would attempt to avoid staring and attempt to avoid asking questions, there will always be the handful of people (or children!) who are not known for their tact and sensitivity, and they ask questions and stare. When a cancer patient has a real hair wig on his/her head, stares and questions go away, and the patient feels more normal because no one is bothering them about their lack of hair on their head. The patient can go about their days just like everyone else and keep their health condition as private as they want to keep it. 

Heads Need to Be Kept Warm

The head is where most of the body's warmth collects and evaporates. When you are sick with cancer, and you lose most or all of the hair on your head, it is very hard to stay warm. Warmth also protects you against other sicknesses, a problem that can be life-threatening for patients with cancer. Wigs keep your bald or balding head warm, and reduce the possibility of contracting anything that could have a negative effect on your weakened immune system. All that aside, having a warm head just makes one feel so normal again.