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Plan A Beauty-Themed Girl's Night

14 April 2018
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Are you getting together with some of your best friends or other gals, say your daughters, your cousins or your sisters? Perhaps you are hosting an event right at your own home and you want to make it a very special time together. If that's the case, from planning beauty rituals to giving Czech painted nail files, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a super fun event.

Set The Stage - First of all, get rid of the men! Either send them out for pizza and a movie, a long sporting event, or anything else that will get them out of the house long enough for you and the gals to have your own fun. Then get your house ready for a special beauty rituals. For example, give all those who attend a comfy pillow and ask them to start the event by simply relaxing to beautiful music on the living room carpet. Dim the lights and have scented candles to add to the mood. Next move into the kitchen where you will have set up all of the ingredients for facials and hand scrubs. Wouldn't it be fun to give each other manicures and pedicures? Either ask the gals to bring their own favorite nail polish, or just bring out your own collection.

A Gift Basket - Of course, everybody loves party favors, right? Consider sending the gals home with a gift basket full of beauty products. For example, ahead of time, order Czech painted nail files online, such as from Snazzy Creations. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but upon using them, you'll find that they do the job so well that you will all think you had a professional manicure. Czech painted nail files are very affordable and will last an extremely long time. Consider giving a set of them. For example, select a small Czech painted nail file that can easily fit in a purse, and then buy larger ones to keep in a makeup table drawer. Other fun things to put in the gift basket would be things like nail polish, hand and body cream, a pretty scented candle and a bottle of shower gel or bubble bath beads.

Before the event is over, think about taking time to just visit. Consider taking turns giving each other a special message. For example, each person would have to tell something that she admires about the person sitting next to her.