3 Important Questions You May Have Before Getting Hair Extensions

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3 Important Questions You May Have Before Getting Hair Extensions

28 April 2018
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Did you recently cut your hair? You may have decided to try a new style and look but are now regretting the decision to make that cut. If you can't seem to find a way to style your new hair and you're feeling self-conscious, there is something you can do until your hair grows back to a length you're most comfortable with. Hair extensions are available for women who'd like the added length. Many extension options look completely natural and blend in amazingly with natural hair. Before getting extensions, you may have some questions you need answers to.

1. Is There a Certain Type of Hair That Is Best to Use?

Before you get extensions put in with your natural hair, you'll need to choose the type of hair you'd like to use because there are a lot of options. While synthetic options were once a popular choice because of their affordability, most people choose real virgin hair. The real virgin hair comes from a human being and has never been dyed or even processed, so it's completely healthy when you purchase it. If you want your extensions to look natural, real hair options are the best.

While shopping for real hair, you may come across Brazilian, Indian, and even Peruvian options. Each of these options looks stunning, but it's all about choosing the specific texture you prefer, such as curly, wavy, or even straight hair.

2. Will Extensions Damage Natural Hair?

There are some misconceptions about extensions causing damage to real hair, but this isn't exactly true. If the extensions are installed properly, and you continue to take good care of your natural hair by shampooing, conditioning, and using hair masques, your hair should continue to look healthy. If you're continuing to dye your natural hair with the extensions and you're using a lot of heated styling tools each day, you could cause damage to your natural hair.

3. What Is the Best Way to Have Them Installed?

Extensions may be installed a few different ways. Clip-in options are often the easiest because you can clip them into your hair and then go out, but you'd need to remove them when you got home. If you don't have time for that, tape-in options are worth considering. Tape-in extensions have become increasingly popular because the extensions are attached to small sections of hair, giving the hair volume while making the extensions look completely natural. You can talk to your stylist about other options, such as sew-in and fusion extension installations.

If you've cut your hair and you don't like the way it looks, you can always wear extensions. There are many beautiful options available. Getting extensions isn't something that will damage your real hair, and you can have the extensions installed the way you want them installed.

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