Do You Want A More Dramatic Hairdo?

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Do You Want A More Dramatic Hairdo?

11 July 2018
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Are you bored with your long hair? Perhaps you are always receiving compliments on how beautiful and healthy your hair looks, but you're just tired of wearing it the same way. Of course, you could always cut it and get a totally new look. But, that might be a pretty drastic change, considering how long it took you to grow your hair long. If you don't like the short hairdo, think of how long it will take to grow it long again. Instead of taking scissors to your long hair, think of new ways you can style or wear it. From copying pictures in magazines to buying microbead grooved hair extensions, here are some ways that you can give your hair a more dramatic look. 

Take Some Time To Get Ideas 

Consider buying some beauty and fashion magazines so that you can look for new styles that can be copied cutting out pictures of long hair dos that you want to try yourself. Another idea is to head somewhere like a mall where you can get ideas from women who walk by, or even from some of the mannequins in the store windows. If you see a girl who is wearing a hair style that you especially admire, be bold and ask her if you can take her picture, explaining that you really like her hair style. She will more than likely be very flattered and be happy to model for you. Later on you can take some time to duplicate the hair do in front of a mirror at home.

Another route to go is looking up styles from personalities on Youtube. There are a lot of great channels that can help inspire you to find a style that fits with what you like. The amount of content online that can help you is endless.

Hair Extensions 

Even if you have gorgeous long hair, consider buying microbead grooved hair extensions which will give your hair a dramatic and new look. If you want the extensions to look like they are part of your real hair, buy them in a color that is the same as your natural hair, or at least very close to that color. If you want something super dramatic, think of buying a totally different color of microbead hair extensions. For example, if you are a blond, consider buying red extensions. If you are a brunette, blond microbead grooved hair extensions would really stand out. Microbead grooved hair extensions are probably more affordable than you thought they would be. Because of that, you might even want to buy more than one color.

When making a drastic change to your style it can be a little daunting. Be sure to try out some of these methods and ideas before you take the plunge!