Considering Body Piercings? 3 Types Of Piercings You Can Choose From

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Considering Body Piercings? 3 Types Of Piercings You Can Choose From

11 January 2019
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If you are considering body piercings but you have never gotten this type of piercing before, you need to know some things before you go. One thing is to determine what kind of piercing you want to get. Keep reading so you will walk in knowing exactly what you want.

Types of Piercings

Some common types of piercings include:

Nose Piercing

Two holes are made with this type, one on each nostril. You will start out with a small stud in the beginning and then can move to rings and other types of jewelry. Another type of nose piercing is through the center of the nose, also known as the septum. With this type the piercing is done through the cartilage.

Nose piercing can be painful, but the process is done very quickly. Your eyes will likely water a lot so take some tissue with you. You will have pain afterward so plan to take some ibuprofen or other type of over the counter pain medication. It will take a few weeks for the piercing to heal.

Tongue Piercing

For a tongue piercing, the piercing is placed a few inches from the end of your tongue. You do need to be careful on the type of jewelry you use, however. This is because metal jewelry can damage tooth enamel and gums.

It can take a few weeks for a tongue piercing to completely heal and for the pain to stop. Your tongue will also swell for a few days, and you will find it hard to eat solid foods. Because of this, stock up on soft foods so you will be ready. You will have to clean the piercing daily for the first few weeks to prevent infection.

Naval Piercings

With naval piercing, the piercing is done on the flap of skin above your naval. Because of this if you do not have enough skin for this flap it may be difficult for you to get this type of piercing. There also needs to be enough space behind the flap so the jewelry will feel comfortable to you.

There is less blood flow to the naval area, which means it will take longer for a naval piercing to heal compared to other types of piercings. Also, you stretch and bend the naval area often as you move. When putting on pants you may accidentally hit the piercing. All of this can lead to lengthened healing time.

You also must keep an eye on a naval piercing as it can easily become irritated or infected. If you have redness, swelling, and a lot of pain a few weeks after the piercing see a doctor.

Talk with the professional that provides piercings and they can give you more information about them.