Tattoo Ideas For Barbers

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Tattoo Ideas For Barbers

10 January 2023
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If you have a profession that you love, one way that you can celebrate this love is with a tattoo. A lot of people get tattoos that relate to their jobs. If you've recently found a new career and you know that you're going to stick with it for a long time, it can be fun to think about what tattoo you might want to get. For someone who works as a barber, there are all sorts of different tattoo ideas that can work well. Brainstorm some ideas, and then make an appointment at a local tattoo shop to meet with an artist. Here are some popular tattoo ideas for barbers.

Barber Tools

A lot of barbers have one or more tattoos that feature the tools of their trade. Popular images include traditional barber scissors, combs, straight razors, and more. Each of these tools has an immediate link with barbering, which can make them good choices for a tattoo. There are all sorts of different ways that you can have these tools inked onto your body. A piece that features these and other tools together can work well, but you can also design your tattoo around just one of the tools. For example, you might want the image of scissors on one of your wrists.

Barber Pole

Another iconic barber-related image is the red, white, and blue barber pole, which makes it an excellent design for a tattoo. While you can get a barber pole tattoo anywhere on your body, its long and thin shape lends itself well to body parts that are also long and thin. For example, you might want the barber pole to appear along the length of your forearm. Or, maybe you prefer having it run between your ankle and knee. You might want to get this tattoo inked in color, but some barbers may favor having it appear in black and white for more of a retro look.

Stylish Gentleman

A lot of barber shops that have a throwback feel will often have images of stylish gentlemen on their signs. A simple line drawing of a man with a carefully cut hairstyle can add a classy look to a barber shop, and this can also be a stylish idea for a tattoo. You can have this type of image appear in many areas of your body, but its shape works well for your biceps. Visit a tattoo shop to discuss these and other barber tattoo ideas.